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Our Horses


King is the kindest horse I have ever met. You will not find a better horse than this guy. We use him mainly for little kids and elderly. Great for handicapped riders.


Cupid is the horse of love. If you notice her marking on the chest, it looks just like a paw print. She is a great ride for taking down the beach. Her loving personality catches everyone’s heart.


Tracker is like a giant teddy bear. Another great young child horse. Very smart and responsive. He makes great pictures. This horse is good for anybody and everybody.


He is a Tennessee Walking Horse. All white with a little black in the face. Will make you feel like a million bucks when you venture him down the beach. He is gaited and smooth like a Cadillac. This guy is our fastest walking paced horse.


Buddy will be your best friend. He gets along with everybody. It’s amazing how he will be so gentle and laid back for riders who are nervous. He also is built with a lot of power and speed.


One of our pride and joys. Being around quarter horses my entire life, she is by far my favorite. She is fearless and smart in every way. Whenever I meet experienced riders who are looking to do more, I always like to refer to this horse. She is also great for beginner riders.


From the day this horse was rescued from the auction, not once did she ever buck, rear or try to hurt me or anyone else. Her name speaks for herself. She is definitely an angel. Featured in “The Bachelor.”


Quarter horse paint. Loves to trot down the beach. He is very easy in the bit. This horse has beautiful markings and nice build. Bandit is a very laid back horse and not hard to keep up with the pack.


This little guy is our little show pony. Short and stocky and one awesome ride. This horse has no problem keeping up and give you a world of fun when experiencing the ride on the beach. Great with kids as well.

Colt 45

This horse was rescued as a baby. We had the luxury of training him at an early start. One of our favorite horses to take into the oceans and swim the waves. This horse is scared of nothing. He has a baby personality when standing still, but his character is more adorable than you can imagine.


Tennesse Walker. He is also featured in “The Bachelor” with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

This horse is literally like a giant puppy. Never met a more trusting of a horse. Will follow you around wherever you go. Loves company and amazing ride. He is gaited and has a solid 5 different gears. A must try.


This horse is a Morgan Cross. She is a horse anybody can ride. One of our favorite beginner choice options. She will do anything and everything you ask her to do.

Red Bull

Red Bull is the alpha female of our herd. She is great for bigger riders. She is a tall horse and stands out very beautifully when around the rest.