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About Us

About Us

For the ultimate horseback riding experience in Virginia Beach or the Outer Banks, look no further than our horseback riding tours with Virginia Beach & Outer Banks Horseback. This is an experience you’ll never forget as your trusty steed walks along the soft sands of the beach and the lapping waves of the ocean serenade you.

All of our beautiful horses have been saved from terrible fates as they were in line to be put down for no reason and we’ve spent a lot of time working with them, training them, and getting them acquainted with our trails. Our horses love all of our customers and are trustworthy for all experience levels. Let our amazing horses show you how much they love their new home and new life on a horseback riding adventure with us.

Our Story

Virginia Beach & Outer Banks Horseback is a company with a mission to show the general public that you don’t always have to spend a fortune to find and have a great horse. When we became aware of the cruelty in horse slaughter auctions that exist in America today, we decided to do something about it.

​We started buying horses that were in line to be put down for no reason at all. Saving them and providing them a new home was a rewarding feeling. Through our experience in the industry, we’ve proven our abilities to train these amazing animals to love and trust anyone and everyone of all experience levels.

​With the soft sands of the beach, and the beautiful waters of the ocean, where is there a nicer place to take your four-legged companions and show them the world? ​By loving this moment each and every time we go out there to ride, we get to show our customers how awesome of an experience this is and that it will capture your heart forever.