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Virginia Beach Guided Beach Horseback Ride

"Two feet move your body, four feet move your soul"

Quick Details

One Hour Ride
30-Minute Ride

Virginia Beach Horseback Riding Tours

Adventure down the beach with us from 26th Street under and through the Virginia Beach Pier all the way down to 10th and 9th streets and then back along the beach and through the surf as we experience nature at its best. This is an amazing Virginia Beach experience and perfect for first-time riders, experienced riders, family, couples, and everyone in between!

Horseback riding on the beach is a bucket list item for many travelers and we make it easy for you to check off. Explore Virginia Beach in a new, fun way with a horseback ride on one of our beautiful horses on your next Virginia Beach vacation!

  • No experience is required.
  • These rides are guided by at least one or two instructors at a time.
  • Age requirements: At least six years old and older to ride a horse by themselves.
  • Weight limit may not exceed 225 pounds.
  • Prior to mounting, all customers will be matched based on their experience and comfort levels with horseback riding.
  • We provide a three-stair mounting block making it exceptionally easy for getting on and off the horse.
  • Everyone is introduced to their horses and receives a short lesson. Then we line up outside the corral, awaiting further direction from your guides.
  • After meeting your guide and getting a short recap on how to safely handle your horses and things to watch out for while out on the beach, our professional photographer and guides lead you to the surf to take any requested professional photography shots. Note these are optional and are not required to pre-purchase.
  • We can simply have your photo ready when you’re back from your adventure and you can decide at the end of your ride if you want to purchase this special memento.